Embedded Analytics is the Use of reports and dashboards within business applications.

These reports and dashboards normally are created in BI platforms outside the application that you use to manage your business data.  The benefit of Embedded Analytics brings the data needed to make decisions closer to where the decisions take place.  This is done by connecting the BI platforms, making then accessible from inside the applications users use every day without forcing users to switch between applications.

  • The real knowledge about a company is not in its data but in the business intelligence tools that transform its data into information.
  • Company of all sizes want to make better decisions on relevant and timely information which is separated by disparate applications, programming languages, architectures and security layers
  • Customers spend exorbitant amounts to access this information often by replacing the system by migrating to the latest platform that promises a more open architecture.

The key to embedded analytics according to Gartner is that

“The integration of a business intelligence (BI) platform with the application architecture will enable users to choose where in the business process the analytics should be embedded.”

Benefits for User access

We have built a common language API providing direct communications between a company’s applications and the platforms that house their business intelligence.  LaunchWorks’ Launch BI API provides enhanced a common way to connect to and interconnect all your Business Intelligence platforms with your other custom apps, cloud and on premise web applications including customer portals, intranet portals like SharePoint and custom applications.

  • Eliminate effort and delay of finding information throughout the enterprise
  • Users make faster decisions with access to real time data directly in the applications that end users every day without switching apps.
  • ROI of “One platform for many applications” reducing number of reporting projects and increasing adoptions rates.


Cross Platform

Launch BI allows you to integrate Business Intelligence platforms such as

  • IBM Cognos
  • SAP BusinessObjects (SDK and REST)
  • Tableau Server
  • com reports

Standards Driven

  • Launch BI is a powerful and agnostic API for the delivery of BI services that other web and mobile applications can tap into using web standards for
  • Connectivity and SSO (Oauth, SAML, Basic, Custom)
    • Connectivity and SSO (Oauth, SAML, Basic, Custom)
    • Data transfer (JSON, CSV)
    • Export formats (PDF, XLSX, DOCX, PPTX)

Experience Counts

Launch BI includes the flexible API needed for any web application development

platforms to integrate Embedded Analytics as part of its reporting functionality including with significantly less development.  This is because the API Was driven around how reports need to be access not how they are created.:

  • Report listings
  • On demand HTML views
  • Scheduling and history access
  • On demand Data exports and WYSIWYG report exports
  • Report Creation
  • Session Optimization





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