The Launch BI API not only provides a simpler way to connect to BI applications but also interconnect multiple platforms. This provides inter-connectivity between reporting and visualization, real time data and predictive models, as well as, on-premise to cloud connections with a simple proxy app. Enabling these connections and the end users ability to adjust them for their personalized needs fits well within the data weave so that power users and data scientists can get the data they need out of their existing BI/Reporting platform and into the tools they need all without bypassing data security or needing to know database schemas.


Web Application
Web Applications
Plug In
Client Application
Client Application
Mobile App
Mobile Apps

Open architecture simplifies BI integration into your app

 API is delivered Ready to implement into your application

Sample code and debugger included

Your developers are up and running in minutes

Reduces coding time by up to 90%

Regulary updated for New versions of BusinessObjects, API changes, custom requests, and developer input

Fully supported

 API is delivered Ready to implement into your application

Launch BI API Common Language

Launch Bi integrates your custom web, mobile or desktop application with content on SAP BusinessObjects and Web Intelligence queries and reports

LaunchBI blocks



API management platforms are focused on data integration. We contribute the ability to connect, embed & display with as little as one line of code.

LaunchBI leverages API integration with our strategic partners to give you the flexibility to connect quickly and easily to the systems that run your institution.




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